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by Karen Luther

ring one

Carnelian and silver
$55 - R1

ring two

Rainbow moonstone and silver
$60 - R2

ring three

Charoite with silver and brass balls
$65 - R3

ring four

Silver hammered band
$45 - R4

ring five

6 thin hammered rings
$50 - R5

ring six

Four Corners - grey pearl hammered silver band
$75 - R6

ring seven

Medicine Wheel - opal triplet, silver and 14K gold inlay
$85 - R7

ring eight

Peridot and garnet on stamped band
$75 - R8

ring nine

Faceted smoky topaz in prong setting
$95 - R9

ring ten

Sleeping beauty turquoise on double band
$70 - R10

ring eleven

Labradorite and iolite on stamped band with 14k gold inlay
$80 - R11

ring twelve

Sleeping beauty turquoise with brass balls on silver band
$60 - R12

ring thirteen

Faceted aquamarine in prong setting on stamped band
$95 - R13

ring fourteen

Red jasper on stamped silver band with 14k gold inlay
$75 - R14

ring fifteen

Peridot on double silver band
$65 - R15

ring sixteen

Gaspeite with brass spirals
$65 - R16

ring seventeen

Jade on oxidized silver band with silver wire detail
$95 - R17

ring thirty

Stack Ring - spiney oyster shell, silver, brass, copper hammered rings
$65 - R30

Select the Order link on the left side of the page to place an order. Please indicate your ring size with your order. Karen also makes custom wedding and engagement rings. Use the Contact link to e-mail Karen with your ideas.