Peace On Earth

I created this piece of jewelry to signify the plight of our earth and the role religions play in dividing people. My hope is that religions (and the people who follow them) can come together and realize that everyone and everything is related. We all come from the same source including the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms, therefore we are all a part of each other. Wars are fought because of religions and so I chose the three major religions in strife today and the ancient symbols that have come to represent them. The amulet case, which holds something very dear to the wearer, has the 'Tree of Life' on the cover which connects us to the larger universe in which we came. Inside the amulet case is the earth which we must hold dear because she is our mother, the one who feeds us and gives us life for without her there would be no life. Hanging from the bottom are the Jewish 'Star of David' which is an ancient symbol meaning 'As above so below' it is a symbol referring to the male and female coming together in completion. The Muslim 'Hand of Fatima' and the Christian 'cross' which signifies heaven and earth coming together. This piece signifies my hope (and I'm sure a lot of other people) that with unity and love we can bring forth a new day on earth, Peace.

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