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by Karen Luther

earring one

Lapis and silver dangles
$75 - E1

earring two

Mother of pearl, silver
$85 - E2

earring three

Silver spiral with dangles
$65 - E3

earring four

Amber and silver stamped earrings
$60 - E4

earring five

Lapis and silver earrings
$60 - E5

earring six

Turquoise and silver with 14 karat gold inlay
$95 - E6

earring seven

Handmade silver bead with dangles
$70 - E7

earring eight

Silver spiral dangle hoops
$60 - E8

earring nine

Turquoise, silver
$110 - E9

earring ten

Hoops with silver disc dangles
$70 - E10

earring eleven

Larimar, silver
$75 - E11

earring twelve

Citrine, antiqued silver
$45 - E12

earring thirteen

Large hammered silver hoops with post
$60 - E13

earring fourteen

Silver and 14k gold inlay "Hand of God"
$75 - E14
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earring fifteen

Hoops with silver disc dangles
$75 - E15

earring sixteen

Large hammered silver spiral slip in
$45 - E16

earring seventeen

Jade and silver dangles
$65 - E17

earring eighteen

4 hammered silver circles
$50 - E18

earring nineteen

Silver tear drop lotus petal
$40 - E19

earring twenty

Silver, copper, brass lotus petals
$60 - E20

earring twenty-one

Silver with 14 karat gold inlay
$65 - E21

earring twenty-two

Silver, 14k gold inlay, red aventurine faceted drops
$65 - E22

earring twenty-three

Large hammered silver circle with serpentine dangles
$65 - E23

earring twenty-four

Medium hammered silver hoops with post
$45 - E24

earring twenty-five

"Queen of Heaven" - turquoise, jade, silver
$140 - E25

earring twenty-six

"Queen of Heaven" - amber, silver, 14k gold
$150 - E26

earring twenty-seven

Coral and silver
$110 - E27

earring twenty-eight

Silver spiral hoops
$60 - E28

earring twenty-nine

Silver hammered hoops with turquoise faceted drops
$75 - E29

earring thirty

Silver hammered links with silver hoop dangles
$60 - E30

earring thirty-one

Sun in Circle with silver disc dangles, 14k gold inlay
$80 - E31

earring thirty-two

Hammered silver spiral hoops
$60 - E32

earring thirty-three

Silver, hessonite garnet faceted drops
$65 - E33

earring thirty-four

Silver and 14 karat gold inlay
$40 - E34

earring thirty-five

Sun in Circle with hessonite garnet faceted drops, silver and 14k gold inlay
$75 - E35

earring thirty-six

Antiqued silver post hoops with cross dangle
$55 - E36

earring thirty-seven

Turquoise with silver and coral dangles
$85 - E37

earring thirty-eight

Carnelian and silver Festival earrings
$165 - E38
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earring thirty-nine

Silver antiqued hammered circle with new jade faceted drops
$60- E39

earring forty

Small hammered silver spirals
$35 - E40

earring forty-one

White turquoise with silver dangles
$80 - E41

earring forty-two

Medium hammered silver circles
$30 - E42

earring forty-three

Large hammered silver circles
$35 - E43

earring forty-four

"Silver and Brass Chandeliers" 14k white gold inlay
$90 - E44

earring fifty-one

Paua shell, silver bead, silver hammered dangles
$85 - E51

earring fifty-two

Medium hammered silver hoops
$50 - E52

earring fifty-three

Small hammered silver spiral slip in with citrine faceted drops
$75 - E53

earring fifty-four

Long hammered silver ear wire with garnet faceted drops
$35 - E54

earring fifty-five

Long hammered silver ear wire with sunburst dangle, 14k gold inlay
$45 - E55

earring fifty-six

Peruvian opal, amazonite drops, silver
$85 - E56

earring fifty-seven

"Queen of Heaven" - Italian coral, silver
$140 - E57

earring fifty-eight

"Triple Moon Abundance" - silver, citrine
$85 - E58

earring fifty-nine

Labradorite, citrine, silver
$45 - E59

earring sixty

Kyanite, silver
$55 - E60

earring sixty-one

Leopard jasper, silver
$55 - E61

earring sixty-two

Agate with silver and 14k gold stars
$50 - E62

earring sixty-three

Long silver hammered earwires with heart dangles
$45 - E63

earring sixty-four

Silver dapped discs
$60 - E64

earring sixty-five

Pearl with silver hearts
$50 - E65

earring sixty-six

Silver and Biwa pearl
$35 - E66

earring sixty-seven

Silver and freshwater pearl
$40 - E67

earring sixty-eight

Rainbow moonstone with silver dangles
$65 - E68

earring sixty-nine

Large hammered silver spirals
$55 - E69

earring seventy

Turquoise and silver
$50 - E70

earring seventy-one

Coral and silver
$55 - E71

earring seventy-two

Hammered silver
$45 - E72

earring seventy-three

Silver and jade
$100 - E73

earring seventy-four

"Tree of Life" - silver, coral, 14k gold inlay
$120 - E74

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