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by Karen Luther

bracelet one

Silver bracelet with silver and 14 karat gold inlay charms
$90 - B1

bracelet two

Hammered Roman pinched loop silver chain bracelet with silver and 14k gold inlay charms
$110 - B2

bracelet three

Four row loop in loop silver chain bracelet
$275 - B3

bracelet four

Quadruple loop in loop silver bracelet
$250 - B4

bracelet five

Thai weave silver bracelet with Cripple Creek turquoise clasp
$250 - B5

bracelet six

Silver bracelet
$75 - B6

bracelet seven

Rose quartz with brass and copper twist
$110 - B7

bracelet eight

Synthetic ruby on thick square wire
$110 - B8
...or hematite
$110 - B8a

bracelet nine

Heavy silver chain maille bracelet
$150 - B9

bracelet ten

Red jasper on square wire
three bracelets fit together
$150 - B10

bracelet eleven

These bracelets are available with different colored dichroic glass or stones
$95 each - B11
(please specify color)

bracelet twelve

Silver bracelet
$75 - B12

bracelet thirteen

Silver Egyptian spiral
$75 - B13

bracelet fourteen

Amber ends on round wire
$70 - B14

bracelet fifteen

Jade on rectangular band
$85 - B15

bracelet sixteen

Hammered low dome band
$75 - B16

bracelet seventeen

Silver bracelet with silver and 14 karat gold inlay charms
$90 - B17

bracelet eighteen

Thick silver square etched men's or women's bracelet
$150 - B18

bracelet nineteen

Turquoise and silver half dome men's or women's bracelet
$150 - B19

bracelet twenty

Thick triangular silver etched men's or women's bracelet
$150 - B20



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